Frequency Meters 72 x 72 45-55-65 Hz, 200-250

Code: ZQ74-46243N1CAW0ST

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Sifam Tinsley ZQ74-46243N1CAW0ST

Frequency Meter 72 x 72, 200-250 Volt

The ZQ74 frequency meter range from Sifam Tinsley are housed in moulded polycarbonate cases. This particular meter is suitable for measurement of frequency between 45 to 65 Hz and operates at 200 to 250 volts.

They offer a number of advantages in a control panel and the glass and bezel can be ordered as seperate parts and replaced

Product Overview

➜ Linear Scale
➜ Glass filled polycarbonate housing
➜ Knife edge pointer
➜ Easily replacable glass and bezel.

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