Since 1965 , Triveneta Cavi has been one of the most important companies in the European market for
the production of low and medium voltage cables for the industrial, domestic, energy distribution and
renewable technologies sectors. La Triveneta Cavi develops more than 100 thousand tons of product in four Production Units, supported by the Logistics Unit.

Production Unit 1
produces cables for power distribution, signalling and control, insulated in thermoplastic material, polyolefins and special insulation for low voltage and thermoplastic compounds.

In Production Unit 2, in addition to the same types of cables of Unit 1, telephone cables, instrumentation cables and control cables originate.

Production Unit 3 is instead focused on cables in elastomeric material, medium voltage cables and cables for municipal entities and companies.

The processing of copper and all the metallurgical part is concentrated in the
Production Unit 4
(Veneta Trafili).

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